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a Problem of Epidemic Proportions

September 8, 2013


A friend of mine recently talked about a science fiction book I was editing. He said it is not rational that population would be a problem in the future.

He said it has quit growing. If not for the illegals coming into America, he claimed, our own population would remain a constant.

Unfortunately, his estimates were a little off. According to the world population clock, our country gets a immigrant every 44 seconds, but a new citizen every 13 seconds.

In fact we have gained more than 2 and a half million people in the past year alone. And that’s not anywhere near any sort of equilibrium.

It may be only 1.14% – lower than previous times – but that is still a bunch of people. About 2 new people in the world every second.

Overpopulation is epidemic on planet Earth and it is growing daily.

The most populous nation on the planet, China, took a harsh step and made having a second child illegal.

And it has done pretty good as far as it goes but they are now experiencing another problem. It seems the only child in each family seems to be getting a little spoiled. Without syblings as natural competitors, it has turned out now that the rising generation is completely lacking in the skills built in by nature to be competitive.

It is like they now have a nation of wimps.

In history, the population has always been regulated by epidemics and by wars.

And no one I know really wants much more of either of those.

So, what is left?

We can follow the Chinese model and simply legislate births to decrease, or we could just wait a few years until the resources run out and massive numbers die of starvation, or we can expand our horizons into space.

To ignore the problem and act like it is already “stable” is no better than putting on a blindfold and sitting on a keg of dynamite.

We need to get pro-active.

(If we could only figure out how, huh?)


Defense vs Offense

January 19, 2010

“… to provide for the common defense.”
– US Constitution, 1789

“The best defense is a better offense.”
– attributed to Vince Lombardi

In using terms to mislead, the Department of Defense is certainly high on the list.

Created as set out in the Constitution, it unfortunately does little to defend anything, opting for the mentality of the second quote above. But a nation is NOT a football team and this is not a sports competition.

If the funds spent by the Defense Department (the largest single expenditure we have every year) actually went to a system of defense, we would not have wars of aggression again other sovereign states nor would we be gripped in fear of terrorism on our doorstep. Instead, we would have a defensive system in place to insure our security.

As things now stand, we keep the war industriocomplex growing annually, and war becoming a standard tool in our diplomatic arsenal. Far too quickly we quit talking and start invading. In this bullying manner, we are becoming the international terrorist organization to be feared. We are becoming the enemy we all seem to fear so much.

After more than two centuries of government and technological development, we are no further advanced than cavemen looking for a bigger rock or a bigger club to beat others into agreeing with us. “Speak softly but carry a big stick” is a cute quote, but not a very intelligent way to run a government.