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September 22, 2013


I have seen a lot of people over the years mock and deride others for “being stupid”.

What they seem to forget is that it is an inherent human right to be stupid or smart or anything else for that matter.

And just because one may assume they are being stupid about one subject, let me assure you there is someone else thinking you are being just as – if not more – stupid.

So, let’s just all agree that we can be considered “stupid” by other stupid people and leave it at that.

Einstein, a brilliant mind if ever there was one, probably could not bake a puff pastry if he tried. Does that make him stupid?

Aristotle was adept at a wide variety of mental feats but he could not program a VCR.

Sure, I’m stretching things to make a point but isn’t that really what this talk of “stupidity” is really all about? Not everyone can be expected to be as brilliant as us on what we consider to be the correct mindset.

Differences of opinion are nothing more than “opinion” and most of the verbal flaming begins from those differences (and the ego to back it up).

It has nothing to do with “science” and “facts”, but everything to do with ego.

Who said “size doesn’t matter?”


Real Genius

January 1, 2010

I am a genius.

Seriously. High IQ (200+) and all that.

And all I can say is “So what?” With my high IQ and a buck I can get a cup of coffee almost anywhere. (Or $2.50 if I want a latte.)

So what does all this talk about a high IQ really mean? Precisely: nothing.

The Intelligence Quotient tests are geared toward the mathematical – no fooling – and they somehow think that’s where genius lies. Unfortunately, that is a big lie.

Everyone is a genius at something.


We are all here for some reason, and the reasons are as different as the individual. It takes many different components to make a machine or a society function, and there need be many different parts and people to fit the needs.

Unfortunately, this present society honors some talents more than others, and the commensurate pay scales make it obvious. Some very necessary talents go unrewarded in our society – or poorly rewarded – and does not reflect reality. Or rather it reflects our current perception of reality, which is a far cry from where we should be. At least, in my opinion.

My wife is a “Gifted and Talented Specialist” for the local school system and understands first-hand the bias toward math and science and the total disregard for those who show uncommon genius in other areas. These latter children are shunted aside and made to feel inferior because they were not born with the natural mathematic skills. And that’s wrong.

Rather than assist only those so gifted, why doesn’t the educational system help expand on the natural gifts of ALL their students? Probably because our society is geared toward the technological, rather than the meaningful.

When I was in college, a job in the campus mail-room helped pay some of my bills. A friend tried working there but it was too taxing. He confided that his IQ was 85 and he was struggling. Soon, he had to leave school because he could not keep a job.

A year later, he returned to school. Dressed immaculately, driving a new red sports car, he paid cash for his courses and did not have to get a job. Why? Because while at home he came up with an idea and was able to find someone to market it. Less than a year later, he was a millionaire while us “more intelligent” students slugged it out in the mail room.

That’s what real genius can do for you. And it has absolutely NOTHING to do with IQ.

A large percentage of the people who drop out of school are those with very high IQ, and they drop out because they are unchallenged. Other people, with lower IQ but as gifted in other areas also drop out. Why do the schools only seem to cater to the middle of the road students?

It would take a real genius to make the education system advantageous to everyone.