How to Stop Magic

Stopping magic is a very simple thing to do. Our current society has accomplished this through a combination of scientific and religious thinking, teaching, and training.

How can such a thing be thought, taught, or trained out of you? Easy! When you are taught that ‘what you see is what you get’ and ‘seeing is believing’ you learn very quickly not to trust yourself, or your own thoughts. Religion teaches us that our thoughts and desires are usually formed by earthly needs and wants, a sure sign that Satan has control of you in this. Science shows us that magic cannot exist, while religion teaches us that only God can do miracles. (Notwithstanding Jesus’ famous quote “you can do these and greater things”. Why would God incarnate tell us lowly humans that we can do the same sort of miracles?) Still, the Church doesn’t want us to think that way. They say the only way to God is through them.

And that last thought is the basis of their methods. We cannot do anything but through them. In other words, magic is just beyond our reach.

Science is less subtle but more covert. Every new invention, each new technology is their way of telling us “we are powerless”. Sure, they claim the advancements are a boon to civilization and “time-saving” devices. But each new device is a subtle reminder how weak and powerless we are over everything!

The only way to reclaim magic is to remember you can get in touch with the infinite from everywhere in the universe, not just in some church building or in the presence of a priest, and to reguard new inventions with a bit more of a jaundiced eye. Science continually proclaims new breakthroughs but I see more of “same old – same old”. (See my April 4th article, “Science – Marching in Place” for more on this thought.)

Reclaiming your ability to do magic, or even “sense” that it is possible is within you. After all, I have it on pretty good authority that “you can do greater things”.


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